About Sustainable Communities Partnership

The Sustainable Communities Partnership is a pioneering initiative set up to dramatically reduce water and energy wastage in social housing, and save tenants money.

The Sustainable Communities Partnership is a forward-thinking water, energy and money saving initiative which aims to help Housing Associations make a major impact on the environmental management and cost efficiency of social housing.

What the Partnership delivers

By working together to make cutting-edge water and energy saving devices accessible to those living in social housing, the Partnership is able to deliver huge potential savings – up to £100 per household per year.

As well as the products we’re giving away, what makes these savings so notably high are our innovative, patented CombiSmart and EndoTherm products.


Getting this clever little gadget fixed to tenants combi boilers not only delivers hot water in half the time – but tenants will be saving money every time they turn on the hot tap.


This energy-saving liquid can be easily added to the central heating system in both commercial and residential properties, to help the pipes heat up faster – therefore using less energy and saving you money.

SCP- when to install

There’s almost always a good time to get these fitted and the sooner the better. You’ll save the most during the summer months when the heating’s off so getting them fitted during the winter makes sense. CombiSmart, EndoTherm and your FREE water saving devices can be installed through the following Housing Association activities:

  • New builds
  • Boiler replacement services
  • Boiler servicing
  • Void properties

How can you join The Sustainable Communities Partnership?

It’s really simple. If you represent a Housing Association or Local Authority all you need to do is purchase CombiSmart for installation in your properties. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and options available.