The offer of CombiSmart with installation is brought to you in partnership with Save Water Save Money Ltd and the associated installation team. The offer is available for a limited period of time only and subject to the availability of the installation team. It is the final decision of Save Water Save Money to determine if CombiSmart can be fitted in your property, taking in to account property location, scheduling commitments of the installation team, boiler compatibility, pipework accessibility and other circumstances.

The price of £99.95 includes CombiSmart, installation and VAT. This price also includes a selection of other free water and energy saving devices as outlined at CombiSmart.co.uk. The selection of free products may not be suitable or compatible with every property, of which is to be determined by the customer. Neither Save Water Save Money nor any associated installation partners are liable for checking the suitability of the free product selection for each property.


CombiSmart is a thermostatic device which holds back the water on combination boilers to a reduced flow rate, until it heats the water to the right temperature. It then allows the water to fully flow as normal. The amount of water and energy saved through CombiSmart will be determined by a number of factors including how many people live in your home, how you and your family use hot water, the age of the boiler and pipework set up, how often your boiler fires during the day and how frequently the heating is on. Reduction in consumption of water, energy and subsequent financial savings will differ across households according to these variables. More product information can be found at www.CombiSmart.co.uk.

CombiSmart will only be suitable and compatible for combination boilers where there is accessible pipework. Correct details of your combination boiler (make and model) are to be provided at the time of booking prior to installation to check suitability. A minimum of 200mm pipework (on the hot water outlet pipe) must be easily accessible without amends to the property. If you are unsure how accessible your boiler pipework is, please call 0345 371 0728 to confirm if fitting CombiSmart is possible. In circumstances where information about the boiler or pipework has not been fully disclosed, a call out fee of £50.00 may apply where a visit has been made and fitting cannot take place.

To place an order please call 0345 371 0728. For online enquiries, we will endeavour to contact you within two working days of your enquiry. At the time of order, we will require the correct boiler details, pipework information, address and payment details where on confirmation, we will then book a date for installation. Confirmation of the date and time of installation will be emailed to you, along with a CombiSmart product information guide. If you have any queries with the information provided in the product guide please call 0345 371 0728 prior to your installation.


Whilst we will take payment details at the time of order, you won’t pay anything until after CombiSmart has been installed, with the exception of cheque payments. You can pay in the following ways:

By Debit Card: No transaction fee will apply.

By Credit Card: There is a 2% transaction fee of £1.80 to process credit card payments.

By Cheque: Please print the order confirmation and send a cheque for £99.95 made payable to Save Water Save Money Ltd. Please post to: Save Water Save Money Ltd, 2 Midcroft, Ruislip, Middlesex, HA4 8ES. Please note we will cash your cheque on receipt. In the event of subsequent cancellation (subject to these terms), we will return any required sums to you by cheque.

You have the right to cancel your visit up to two working days prior to your scheduled installation at no cost. In the event of cancellation with less than two working days’ notice or you are not at the property at the scheduled time, we reserve the right to deduct a call out fee of £50.00.


Save Water Save Money Ltd and CombiSmart Ltd work in partnership with water companies and installation teams. Save Water Save Money will arrange the bookings and an installation partner will carry out the installation services of CombiSmart in selected areas. By placing an order, you automatically agree for your data to be securely transferred between Save Water Save Money, your water company supplier and the installation team. Details provided at the time of order will only be used amongst these parties in relation to this installation service and will not be passed on to any other third party, except where the customer has given permission to be contacted for other services, once the installation service is complete. These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

By arranging an installation date for fitting CombiSmart you agree to these Terms and Conditions.