CombiSmart is a simple water and energy saving device.

It’s simple. CombiSmart holds back the water being supplied to your taps and showers until it is heated to the right temperature. Don't watch cold water (and money) flow down the drain while you wait for the correct temperature, hot water will be delivered quicker to your taps and showers after CombiSmart is installed.

What does CombiSmart do?

It’s a simple fact: if you have a combination boiler, you’ll be pouring water and money down the plughole every time you wait for the Combi to heat up. Whether you’re running a shower, rinsing the dishes or washing your hands, the plain truth is that all this wasted water is increasing your utility bills. So Save Water Save Money Ltd has joined forces with utility companies to offer you installation of a clever eco product called CombiSmart that works by holding back water until it heats up.

Why trust CombiSmart?

Not only is CombiSmart WRAS approved (that’s the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme to you and me), however it is being used and trialled by more than 60 Housing Associations and Local Authorities throughout the UK and all we can say is... so far so good. Unrivalled in the market, CombiSmart, the Patent granted, water saving device, will not affect your Combi Boiler’s warranty. We have letters from companies such as Worcester-Bosch, Vaillant, Ideal and GlowWorm, all prestigious companies in support of CombiSmart.

Wanting to save around £100 on your utility bills?

Choose CombiSmart. 25% of household energy bills are spent on heating water. We figure it makes sense to go straight to the root of the problem and save there. Tests carried out by independent consultancy Enertek suggest that CombiSmart can deliver savings of around £100 if on a water meter.

For a one off payment and installation in only 15 minutes, you are setting yourself up for years of no-fuss savings... Simple.