CombiSmart is a simple thermostatic valve fitted to the hot water outlet pipe on the outside of a combination boiler. CombiSmart accelerates the heating process by holding back water to a flow of 3 litres per minute whilst the combination boiler heats the water to the right temperature. When the thermostatic valve recognises the water is at the right temperature (normally at around 43 degrees centigrade), the valve opens to release the water to flow freely through the outlet pipe at the rate you're used to (and the rate set by each hot water faucet in your home). This process helps save both water and energy every time hot water is used.

By installing CombiSmart your household will use less water and energy which in turn will reduce utility bills and provide a cushion from rising fuel prices. CombiSmart will save up to 32,000 litres and 727kWh every year. This is the equivalent to saving around £83.62 in water and £32.64 in gas – a total of £116.26 every year (depends where you live in the UK and your chosen gas supplier). These savings have been calculated on the basis of tests conducted by the independent testing consultancy firm Enertek International (see below for more information on how the savings have been calculated). The monetary value on water savings is based on an average domestic metered customer and includes water supply and sewerage costs. Please also note that if your combination boiler has a pre-heat function, this will need to be switched off to see the full benefits (please note savings will vary depending on specific circumstances).

You can purchase CombiSmart together with installation over the phone by calling our technical team on 0345 371 0728, to find out if we have an installer team in your area. Alternatively, you can request a call back from one of the team using the Contact Us form. 

Otherwise you can ask your plumber to contact their local merchant or trade outlet, where CombiSmart should be stocked. Please note CombiSmart must only be fitted by a qualified plumber or a trained CombiSmart installer (by the CombiSmart team). Please note that SaveWaterSaveMoney takes no liability where CombiSmart is fitted incorrectly by external installer services or where Save Water Save Money have not directly arranged the installation or fitting of the device.

CombiSmart is not currently available to buy as a single unit or a DIY purchase and SaveWaterSaveMoney do not authorise the re-sale of CombiSmart direct to customers. Please note SaveWaterSaveMoney and are not responsible for the quality of the device if purchased via an unauthorised seller.

The calculations behind how much CombiSmart will save the average home are featured on our  savings page. These savings have been calculated through the independent testing consultancy firm Enertek International, however please note that savings will vary depending on specific circumstances including the size of property, number of people living in the property, location in the UK, choice of energy supplier and tariff, behaviour and attitude to hot water as well as other factors.

No, CombiSmart can be fitted in less than 15 minutes with minimum fuss, however, it is important to note that CombiSmart must only be fitted by a qualified plumber or a trained CombiSmart installer (by the CombiSmart team). Because it is an inline device (so it has no kinks or bends) fitting is simply a case of cutting away part of the existing pipework and attaching CombiSmart in place of the cut piece of pipe. Please note that Save Water Save Money takes no liability where CombiSmart is fitted incorrectly by external services or where SaveWaterSaveMoney have not directly arranged the installation or fitting of the device.

We have confirmation from the major boiler manufacturers including Worscester, Vallaint, Ideal and Glow-worm that the installation of CombiSmart will not affect a boiler’s warranty, as long as it is fitted as per the instructions, and by a qualified professional. CombiSmart is fitted on the hot water outlet pipe that runs externally from your boiler, however if you have any concerns please let us know the make and model of your boiler or contact your boiler manufacturer directly. You can also check to see if your combination boiler is compatible by clicking here.  

CombiSmart is WRAS approved which means the product has been tested to meet the standards of the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme. CombiSmart has also been fully tested by independent consultancy Enertek International, Hull. You can view the summary of the test data with assumptions here. The device carries a two year manufacturers’ warranty.

Yes. CombiSmart is WRAS approved; number 1107338 which means the product has been tested to meet the standards of the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme. This scheme was set up by the UK's Water Companies to ensure products through which water passes are appropriately robust and of sufficient quality for general use.

Here are a couple of quick checks to identify if you have a combination boiler: Does your boiler have at least four pipes exiting it? If yes, this means you DO have a combination boiler. It's possible to have more than four pipes (maybe even seven) but either way, this means you have a combination boiler. Does the boiler start up every time the hot tap is turned on? If yes, this means you DO have a combination boiler and CombiSmart will be suitable for fitting. Click here to check your boiler specification for compatibility  you'll need your boiler's make and model to hand.

CombiSmart is only designed to be compatible with combination boilers. Although it is suitable for most combination boilers, there are some models for which CombiSmart is not suitable. It's also possible that if you have an older boiler the benefits of installing CombiSmart may be minimal. We would therefore always recommend checking the suitability of CombiSmart to your boiler prior to purchase or alternatively please contact us to discuss further.  

CombiSmart holds back the water to a flow of around 3 litres per minute until the water reaches around 43 degrees centigrade. At this point, the device will allow water to flow freely through the outlet at the rate you're used to. So at first you'll see a reduced flow and then when the water is heated to the right temperature, the flow will quickly reach the maximum set by your faucet i.e. your tap or shower.

It's unlikely limescale will cause any problems with CombiSmart, but it's possible if you live in a hard water area that a build up of limescale may occur in the bypass screw. If there is a build up of limescale, then gently turning the bypass screw to its closed position and then back to where it was set should dislodge any build up of limescale. We have not had any reported instances in almost three years.

Yes, CombiSmart can be used with your boiler  (check compatibility here) and in order to receive the maximum savings, you will need to turn off pre-heat or EcoMode. This should be done at the time of installation (as per the instructions), however the boiler manual should also provide information on how the pre-heat or EcoMode functions can be switched on/off.

Pre-heat does away with the waiting for water to heat up by keeping a small reservoir of water within you boiler heated at all times. It does this by firing your combi boiler automatically at regular intervals throughout the day and night, even when you are sleeping or at work. This means you could be using gas needlessly to heat the boiler when it is not required, pushing up your utility bill. To find out more about how pre-heat works click here.

CombiSmart is the only solution to enjoying near instant hot water from a combi boiler that is friendly to both utility bills and the environment. CombiSmart is a thermostatic valve that heats the water almost instantly. It works by holding back the water and accelerating the heating process. You can save water and energy by only using gas to heat water when you actually need it.

With CombiSmart your boiler is saving energy on heating water as well as reducing water wastage. You no longer have to watch cold water disappearing down the drain, while your boiler heats it to the right temperature.

If you're sold on the idea of CombiSmart then you'll be pleased to learn that the installation is simple. Once CombiSmart is installed on your boiler, you'll start to save water, energy and money, year after year. Even if you change boilers you can remove the CombiSmart thermostatic valve from your old boiler and simply re-install it to your new combination boiler and continue to save water.